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There is a place where people wake up hungry in the morning and go to bed hungry at night. These people are our neighbors. The place they live is called Trenton.


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Tips for Volunteers

When coming to volunteer at TASK, be sure to wear comfortable shoes and clothing you can get dirty. Jeans are fine but avoid tank tops, open-toed shoes, "belly shirts", short shorts, "low-rider" pants, etc. We provide aprons, hair coverings and sanitary gloves for people working with food.


Leave your valuables at home and make sure that nothing can be seen through your car windows. Please do not stash items under the seats or leave them in your trunk. For your comfort, we have a police officer who periodically patrols the parking area.

While working on the serving line, here are are some dos and don'ts to keep in mind....

  • TICKETS - If you are responsible for ticket-taking, make sure you know the color of the ticket the floor manager is using. Provide one tray for each ticket. Keep a watchful eye on the ticket container and keep it out of reach of the patrons.
  • SERVING SIZES - The kitchen staff will show you how much food to give each patron. It is important to give each patron the same amount of food.
  • DESSERTS/BREAD - Patrons are permitted to select which dessert/bread they want when we offer more than one thing. Be alert for hard, stale, spoiled or moldy items -- "if you wouldn't eat it, don't serve it". "When in doubt, throw it out." Sometimes something gets past our screenings.
  • HANDING THE PLATTER TO THE PATRON - Hand over one platter at a time and only one platter per tray. Hold back the next platter until the next patron is ready to receive it. The same applies to drinks.
  • REPLENISHMENT - Alert the kitchen staff shortly before food or drink containers are empty. It is important to keep the serving line moving smoothly.
  • CLEANLINESS - Keep your serving area as clean and neat as possible, wiping down as needed. Food that falls out of the pan must be thrown away and never put back in the pan.
  • COMFORT LEVEL - If you find you are not comfortable working on the serving line, please let a cook know. The serving line isn't for everyone and there are other jobs you can do.
  • And through all this, please greet and serve each patron in your own friendly style. That's an important part of the meal, along with the food and drink.

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In Plain Sight: The Story of TASK

By LEE SEGLEM, Member of TASK Board of Trustees


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