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There is a place where people wake up hungry in the morning and go to bed hungry at night. These people are our neighbors. The place they live is called Trenton.


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Volunteers Speak

Volunteers at TASK regularly comment on how much they learn from their experience at TASK. The following are but a few of the many written comments that volunteers have shared with us.

Ms. Mary Ann and TASK staff,

Thank you for welcoming me into your organization for the past 3 days. Your name does not do justice for all the aid you are giving -- as you are so much more than a soup kitchen. It is obvious through the way your consumers describe this place that you have impacted them in many ways. You were a joy to be around and an inspiration to me. J and Jaime - keep up the good work with SHARE. It was one of the neatest service experiences I've ever witnessed. Thanks for allowing my childhood rockstar dreams to come true! Thanks again for your hospitality.

Kim Patterson

KLm Patterson note

"I wanted to say thank you for the best experience thus far in my life. I feel that I learned so much volunteering at TASK. Both the patrons and all of you helped me to grow so much as a person. I think of you all and the wonderful times I had there very often! My goal is to come down soon to visit."

From Danielle Spezzacatena, a tutor from TCNJ 

"Imagine that you're hungry. You go to your well-stocked fridge or pantry, grab some munchies, and don't even think twice about it.  Got a craving?  You run to the grocery store, survey the abundantly stocked shelves, get whatever you want, and pay for it.  Again, without a second thought.  But not everyone has this luxury.  For some people, hunger is a fact of life.  They have no well-stocked fridge, no money to satisfy a craving.

"In our community, many of the hungry live in Trenton.  Fortunately for them there is some help, in the form of the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen or TASK as it is more commonly known.  Beth Chaim members have become increasingly involved in helping TASK, and we'd like you to join us."

- From Naomi Godfrey, a volunteer from Congregation Beth Chaim

"Thank you for giving our students the opportunity to work with you. Because of places like TASK, our community has become closer, people have been fed, and people have become more aware of their  surroundings. You are an amazing organization, and we wish there were more organizations like you in the world. We have immense gratitude for giving us the opportunity to work with you."

-From Villa Victoria Academy

"The doors had not opened at TASK. It was a cold winter morning and I was doing volunteer work. It was a perfect time for me to sort through some of the clothing that had been donated. When the doors opened, we would be offering the clothes to those who needed warmth.

"I noticed that just about all the clothes were adult-sized, so I was surprised to come across a pair of children's mittens. I didn't have any particular category to put them in so I set them aside and kept on working. When the doors finally opened, a lot of people came rushing in to get out of the cold. Among them was a distinguished looking elderly gentleman with gray hair and a beard. He had a little  boy with him who looked to be about three years old.

"The man sat down and helped the little boy take off his jacket. Then he hugged him. It gave me a warm feeling inside to see such a loving and caring relationship between the two.

"But the next thing the man did really touched my heart. He took the little boy's small, cold hands into his to warm them. At that instant my spirit soared! 'The mittens!' I exclaimed. I just couldn't hold my excitement within. And as I walked over to the spot where I had placed the mittens I thought about how the Lord must have known all along that those mittens were meant for that little boy!

"The man was still holding the little boy's hands when I brought the brightly colored mittens over to them. And I wish you could have  seen the boy's face light up when I handed the mittens to him!

"The man looked up at me and quietly said, 'Thank you.' To which I replied, 'You're welcome.'

"That was all that needed to be said."

- From Whit Gooch, a dedicated volunteer from Crosswicks Ellisdale United Methodist Church.

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