Sep 1, 2022
Author: Trenton Soup Kitchen

One Man Makes a Difference

Long-time TASK consultant accepts Geltzer Family Foundation Award for Service.  

Irwin Stoolmacher has provided guidance and leadership to TASK for nearly our entire 40-year history.

Irwin Stoolmacher, founder and President of Stoolmacher Consulting Group, is widely known throughout the Mercer County area as a leading non-profit consultant who has helped to guide dozens of organizations through change and growth, positively impacting thousands of lives in the process.

Beginning his career in politics, Stoolmacher eventually moved into for-profit management consulting before founding his own firm in the non-profit sector. Stoolmacher has provided guidance and leadership to TASK for nearly our entire 40-year history, as both a fundraising and Board consultant, serving as a trusted mentor and valuable committee member. He even co-wrote a book, “Mission Possible: How You Can Start and Operate a Soup Kitchen,” with TASK Board member Martin Tuchman and former TASK Executive Director, Peter Wise.

Says TASK Board Chair Pam Kelly, “I know on paper he’s a consultant, but he is such an amazing friend to TASK. I think he lives, breathes and walks TASK.”

From TASK’s very beginning, Stoolmacher provided a steady hand, helping to guide the soup kitchen through a period of uncertainty and changing perceptions toward those that TASK serves.

“Irwin had a vision of what we could be, of how we could attain what we were striving for, and he made you feel that it was all so doable,” says Beverly Mitchell, who served as TASK’s Executive Director in the late 1980’s. “He was someone that you felt you were in good hands with. Smart, tenacious, always with a plan and always follows through.”

In fact, “tenacious” is a word that is used frequently to describe Stoolmacher’s dedication to TASK, but so are many other adjectives: influential; consensus-builder; confidant. Irwin is not only credited with fundraising but also TASK’s advocacy, expansion and growth.

As Stoolmacher seeks to slow his pace and write another book, taking his career in yet another new direction, TASK Executive Director Joyce Campbell reflects on his impact.

“There are many names that TASK holds in high regard,” Campbell says. “Ben Abeles, Emilio Papa, Alice Parker…  I always say that TASK is magical in its ability to attract just the right person at just the right time, which has been our key to success over the past 40 years. I know that the name Irwin Stoolmacher will be listed amongst this venerable group for his significance to TASK’s history.”

Perhaps former Board Chair, John Kelly, summed it up best: “It’s hard to come up with enough accolades to lay at Irwin’s feet. If they say one man can make a difference in life, Irwin does that in spades.”

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