May 10, 2023
Author: Trenton Soup Kitchen

Supporter Spotlight – Carnegie Business Collaborative

CBC Members Learn What Makes TASK's Volunteer Experience Unique

Carnegie Business Collaborative at TASK.
Representatives from the Carnegie Business Collaborative make a donation to TASK.

When volunteers put on a TASK hat and apron, they are given the chance of seeing what a difference a few hours can make – for them and for our patrons. It can be a powerful experience.

The Carnegie Business Collaborative (CBC) discovered that for themselves recently. Several CBC members, including Mike Castaneda and Christopher Kuhn, volunteered in our dining room for the first time in December. The CBC is a Princeton-based group of professionals that places an emphasis on community service and volunteering.

TASK's Director of Development Michelle Wexler appearing on the Age-Out Angels Radio Hour.
TASK’s Director of Development Michelle Wexler (top right) appearing on the Age-Out Angels Radio Hour hosted by Greg Rapport (top left) and CBC members Christopher Kuhn (bottom left) and Mike Castaneda (bottom right).

Inspired by their time at TASK, Mike and Chris recently shared their experience on an episode of the Age-Out Angels Radio Hour with Greg Rapport, a weekly podcast that covers the New Jersey child welfare system and related topics, including homelessness.

“It was amazing how organized it was,” said Christopher. “It wasn’t what we envisioned at all. I envisioned it as one long line. It was a very fulfilling experience for me.”

Mike, whose son also volunteered with the group, agreed.

“The food looked great and smelled great. It was very eye-opening at how organized it all was and how respectful and appreciative the people receiving the food were,” Mike says. “People who had volunteered for many years were very welcoming to us.”

It is that engaging support that TASK offers its volunteers that sets us apart from other nonprofits.

“Our whole model is about engagement,” said Michelle Wexler, TASK’s Director of Development and Marketing. “We turn that notion of ‘please sir, can I have some more’ on its head. It’s a very friendly and welcoming atmosphere. The volunteers engage with patrons. There’s music playing and we have a floor manager that helps announce what programs and services are available. There’s a lot of warmth and human interaction at TASK.”

CBC showed their support by presenting a donation to TASK after their volunteer shift ended. In addition, the group plans to return to volunteer again in April, which is also National Volunteer Month.

TASK is grateful to the Carnegie Business Collaborative for their donation, Greg for featuring us on his show, and Mike and Chris for taking the time to encourage more people to volunteer at TASK. For more about how you can volunteer and make a difference in the lives of people in our community, visit

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